JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017

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[EE] Oral

P (Space and Planetary Sciences) » P-EM Solar-Terrestrial Sciences, Space Electromagnetism & Space Environment

[P-EM16] [EE] Physics of Inner Magnetosphere Coupling

Wed. May 24, 2017 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM A02 (Tokyo Bay Makuhari Hall)

convener:Danny Summers(Memorial University of Newfoundland), Jichun Zhang(University of New Hampshire Main Campus), Yusuke Ebihara(Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University), Kunihiro Keika(Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo ), Aleksandr Y Ukhorskiy(Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory), Dae-Young Lee(Chungbuk Natl Univ), Yiqun Yu(Beihang University), Yoshizumi Miyoshi(Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research, Nagoya University), Chairperson:Jichun Zhang(University of New Hampshire Main Campus)

9:15 AM - 9:30 AM

[PEM16-20] Observational and numerical studies about frequency chirping of chorus waves

★Invited papers

*Xin Tao1, Shanchun Teng1 (1.University of Science and Technology of China)

Keywords:chorus waves, frequency sweep rate

The underlying physical mechanism of the nonlinear frequency chirping of whistler mode chorus waves has been investigated for more than fifty years; nevertheless, a consensus has yet to be reached. In this talk, we will present some of our recent observational studies about the dependence of the chorus wave frequency chirping rate on both background plasma parameters and wave amplitude. Comparison with different previously published theoretical models will be given. We will also present numerical simulation demonstrating the amplitude modulation of chorus waves that has also been found in observation. With phase space diagnostics, we suggest that the amplitude modulation is caused by phase space trapping of resonant particles.