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[S-IT23] [EE] Structure and Dynamics of Earth and Planetary Mantles

Mon. May 22, 2017 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall HALL7)

convener:Takashi Nakagawa(JAMSTEC/MAT), Dapeng Zhao(Department of Geophysics, Tohoku University), Takashi Yoshino(Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University)

[SIT23-P02] Origin of Seafloor, Platetectonics, Pacific arc basin, Proof of eccentric Moment Force, Mechanism of Plate rapid change of direction,

Verification by Abduction of "Multi Impact Hypothesis" explaining everything uniformly.

*Akira Taneko1 (1.SEED SCIENCE Lab.)

Keywords:Origin of Ocean floor, Origin of the "Moon formation and the Earth's plate tectonics", Proof of inertial efficiency eccentric moment driving force, Origin of the Pacific Rim Arc Isolated Archipelago Back Arc Basin, Mechanism of Slipping Inside Plates, Plate movement direction rapid change mechanism reason, Verification by abduction - by one-time evolution of the earth and empirical history -

Structure and Dynamics of Earth and Planetary
Mantles Continental movement theory, Ocean Floor expansion theory, Driving force from Plate Tectonics to Plume Hypothesis was Thermal Convection Hypothesis.
We propose Celebrity Hypothesis that Minimizes Moment of Inertia caused by crushing crust Mantle defect and isostatic uplift eccentricity due to Inertial efficiency imbalance as Plate new Driving Force.
A Wegenr tried to prove Continental drifft hypothesis and prove it based on Continuity of paleontology and geology because Coastal profile of Africa coincides with that of continental North and South America.
Plate tectonics is now almost a fixed theory with empirical observations such as Ocean Foor Epansion Hypothesis, Mantle Thermal Convection Hypothesis, discovery of Atlantic mid-ocean ridge, discovery of transform faults, reversal of geomagnetism and submarine tape recorder Hypothesis.
However, Driving force of Continental movement that Wegener could not show is still a mystery in Plate Tectonics.
Wegener pointed out Effort to explore Origin of Deep ocean floor (-5 km) occupying 70%, Origin of Plate boundary, Origin of plate tectonics.
Arcuate archipelago and Origin of Basin still remain a mystery. A new paradigm capable of unifying all of this was desired.

It is Multi Impact Hypothesis by Abduction and was stated in "Elucidation of Missing link of Earth and Moon" from geophysics and solar system planetary theory.
According to it, in addition to Origins of this Plate Tectonics, Origin of Moon, Origin of Deep ocean floor, Core eccentricity, Origin of Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Origins of Mercury and Pluto, Origin of Asteroid belt and Differentiated Meteorite. It is a proposal of a new paradigm that can unravel Origin of Word.
Furthermore, I could also show Reason for Eccentric Density difference where Moon and Moon's Orbital Energy (theoretically calculated from Collision Energy) and Mantle matter are oriented on Same side.

Abduction is Idea that Correctness of Hypothesis is guaranteed to Extent that Conclusion by a certain Hypothesis can explain Current situation.
It is a big change of thinking and it is called creative reasoning,Abduction.
Using Physically Meaningful Hypothesis, if Idea is correct, a breakthrough progress is obtained.

"Multi Impact Hypothesis":About 4 billion years ago from the birth of the solar system, when CERRA orbital deformed due to Jupiter perturbation and ruptured by the tension of Jupiter and the sun, CERRA and the Earth were differentiated and solidified.
About 4 billion years ago from Birth of Solar system, when CERRA orbital deformed due to Jupiter's perturbation and ruptured by the tension of Jupiter and the sun, CERRA and Earth were differentiated and solidified.
When Darwin's rise (convex plate) occurred in Collision Mantle Defect due to isostasy, Plate from which Surrounding crust had peeled recessed and Boundary Crack formed Arcuated Islands, Pacific Rim Arc Island concave arc.
Arcuate archipelago centered on Pacific Ocean and Java Island during Formation of Tacos Sea, a trench arc continuing to Outer side of Arcuate Island indicates that Convex Plate has slipped under Arcuate archipelago concave basin (= Mutual slipping mechanism of Plate).
Plate boundary is caused by cracks when multiple mantle fragments crash into Earth.

Proof of inertial efficiency eccentric moment driving force
In this Hypothesis, since Earth rotates on its own axis, in Earth where Moment of Inertia becomes uneven (unbalanced) when Missing mantle is isostasic due to collision, Driving force that minimizes Moment of Inertia is generated.
Reason for sudden change in movement direction and Mechanism of rotation axis Inclination
Impact fracture at single mantle collision works on Opposite side of Earth as Ejection pressure from Inside.
Formation mechanism of Diamond mine is indicated by Formation of a kimber-lite pipe.
Collision with Drake Passage is Cause of Diamond mine in Russia Miruuui.
A tilt of 23.5 ° was formed on Axis of rotation from the revolving surface due to the couple of collision to high latitude.
There are three rows of curved trajectories parallel to plate movement traces of Hawaiian Islands and Kuril Seamount line
It is a result in Direction of plate movement, which is caused by a sudden change in Rotation Axis.

- Evolution of Earth only once -Demonstrated by history -
Ability to explain all Mysteries as a unified Evolution alone with one Hypothesis is verification by Abduction of "Multi Impact Hypothesis".
It is expected that quantitative simulation becomes possible in more detail from Qualitative Elucidation.