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[S-SS14] [JJ] Earthquake prediction and forecast

Sun. May 21, 2017 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM Poster Hall (International Exhibition Hall HALL7)

convener:Toshitaka Baba(Graduate School of Science and Technology, Tokushima University)

[SSS14-P09] We were able to predict a foreshock and a main shock in an FM observation network by Kumamoto earthquake.

*Hidemitsu Kunihiro1 (1.none)

Keywords:Foretelling an earthquake, Electric wave observation, An observation network of Eruption, An electromagnetic field

It's said that to foresee a natural phenomenon as an earthquake is difficult, but the earthquake prediction is possible. A natural phenomenon always has the cause, and as a result, a phenomenon occurs. When this cause can be grasped, you can foresee a result. So we have begun to observe the earth to grasp the cause of the earthquake. But, it's understood only from a tremor just before the earthquake occurring by a seismometer. So a radio wave with a lot of presage testimony and an electromagnetic observation have been begun. To grasp an electromagnetic field change in the surface of the earth at present, an observation network is being even constructed and observed. When this gazed at the radio wave change which propagates the ground and removes the influence by which direct observation networks of a FM broadcasting radio wave are weather changes and sporadic E layers, etc. in particular, it's possible to read direct electromagnetic field change by influence and noise from underground. There are Nagano earthquake, Fukushima earthquake, Awajishima earthquake and Kumamoto earthquake as the example. A presage of a main shock showed clearly with a foreshock because of the Kumamoto earthquake in particular. Basic theory of an electromagnetic observation is a principle street of the energy and the electromagnetism to which I say "When a thing moves, electromagnetism occurs.", but a big electromagnetic change also generates an earthquake phenomenon by a friction in the crust in an observation example. When using the big change phenomenon which shows before about 1 week in particular, it can be the accident prevention information which had a plenty of leeway timewise. So an observation example of the above other ones was elucidated, but an electromagnetic observation found out that that an eruption also exerts a big change on the crust shows in observational data. An electromagnetic change started with this phenomenon from an eruption in Okinoerabushima, and Kagoshima west and Kumamoto* followed Tottori earthquake quite and. Movement of the crust change seems to need time of the class half year, but a series of electromagnetic change which indicates the relation between the eruption and the continuous earthquake certainly shows. Please see observational data and a correlation chart. (For an observation chart, the transverse = hour and the vertical axis= electric field strength and color= observation bureau)