JpGU-AGU Joint Meeting 2017

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[S-SS15] [JJ] Strong Ground Motion and Earthquake Disaster

Wed. May 24, 2017 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM IC (International Conference Hall 2F)

convener:Seiji Tsuno(Railway Technical Research Institute), Chairperson:Hao Wu(Disaster Prevention Research Center, Aichi Institute of Technology)

11:00 AM - 11:15 AM

[SSS15-20] Estimation of bedrock depth by receiver function using strong motion data in the Kyoto basin

Tomoya Shimomura1, Kimiyuki Asano1, *Tomotaka Iwata1 (1.Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University)

Keywords:receiver function, Kyoto basin

We estimated R/V receiver functions of P waveforms of local earthquakes observed at strong motion stations in the Kyoto basin. Assuming a peak time of observed R/V receiver functions corresponds to the difference in arrival time between the direct P wave and the P-to-S converted wave (PS-P time) generated at the sediment/bedrock boundary in the Kyoto basin, we got the basin depth. The present Kyoto basin velocity model (Kyoto Prof., 2006) agreed with the obtained bedrock depth at most stations except several stations located near the basin edge. We modified the bedrock depth beneath each station. For validating that the peak time is corresponding to the PS-P time, we calculated theoretical R/V receiver functions using the discrete wavenumber method (Bouchon, 1981) with a double-couple point source in laterally homogeneous modified velocity model. Theoretical R/V receiver functions using the modified model showed good agreement to the observed R/V receiver functions.