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[2K2] [General Session] 12. HI / Education Aid

Wed. Jun 6, 2018 1:20 PM - 3:00 PM Room K (3F Azisai Mokuren)

座長:瀬田 和久(大阪府立大学)

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM

[2K2-03] Analysis of Gaze Behaviors in Virtual Environments for Cooperative Pattern Formation

〇Norifumi Watanabe1, Kota Itoda2 (1. Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, 2. Keio University)

Keywords:Group Behaviors, First-person Perspective, Virtual Environment

In a goal type ball game such as soccer and handball, a plurality of players who can pass are searched for, and each player's intention is estimated and a player who can pass is selected. Furthermore, it con rms the position and behavior of enemies that exist around passable players, estimates their intentions, and determines teammate players who pass the pass most successfully. In order to realize instantaneous intention estimation and judgment subject to strong temporal and spatial constraints, cooperative patterns shared within the group are considered to exist. Therefore, in this research, we presented to subjects a rst-person perspective of professional soccer players by using virtual environment, and analyzed the gaze behaviors pre- and post-training. Based on the results, we discuss that subjects switch their behavior by estimating the intention of otherplayers who pass and receive to subject by presenting the visual information based on the rst-person perspective.