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Conference period: June 8 (Tue) to June 11 (Fri), 2021
Venue: Online (using Zoom)

You can access all Zoom URLs and paper PDFs of the conference from "Timetable" and "Sessions" links on the left side menu. Your log-in ID and password to log in this site are written in your admission ticket email, which is sent from noreply.confit@atlas.jp or JSAI2021 office's email address on or after May 17 accordingly. The log-in ID is your email address recieving the admission ticket, if you made pre-registration. Please read guide to participants once before joining sessions.
Timetable / Proceedings (zip file, 334MB) (accessible without authentication)

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Timetables, presentation lists, and abstracts have been opened to all. To view paper PDFs, please log in the site using your participant account, or authenticate yourself just entering PDF viewing password: jsai2021Snd.

(2021/07/02 12:19 PM)

The video on-demand service of recorded contents has been closed at the end of June, 2021.

(2021/07/01 3:42 PM)

大半のセッション(基調・招待講演、一般セッション、オーガナイズドセッション、国際セッション、企画セッション、学生企画、チュートリアル)の録画データを各セッションのページから視聴可能です(6月末まで参加者限定で視聴可)。編集しておりませんので、最初(20分程度)のセッション準備時間をスキップしてご覧下さい。Recorded contents of almost all sessions including keynote speech, invited speech, general sessions, organized sessions, international sessions, proposed sessions, student proposed sessions, and tutorial sessions, are available at each session's page. All participants can watch them until the end of June. Please skip the first around 20 minutes, the preparation time of each session, because they were not edited.

(2021/06/09 9:03 PM)

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