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International Session » ES-1 Knowledge engineering

[1S4-IS-1] Knowledge engineering

Tue. Jun 14, 2022 2:20 PM - 4:00 PM Room S (Online S)

Chair: Rafal Rzepka (Hokkaido University)

2:20 PM - 2:40 PM

[1S4-IS-1-01] Formal Verification in Society 5.0

〇Xiaoyun Guo1, Guanhong Li1 (1. Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)


Keywords:Formal verification, Society 5.0, IoT systems, Safety, Reliability

With the accelerating development of AI technology, society has stepped into the 5.0 era and the level of digitization of society has been improved like never before. As a result, IoT systems built on the basis of AI technology have become the infrastructure of society, and their defects may have a huge impact causing the loss of property and even human lives. Therefore, we have higher requirements for the reliability and safety of IoT systems. To ensure the reliability and safety of IoT systems, formal verification is an effective method to check IoT systems with abstract mathematical models during the system design phase. However, the application prospects and potential problems of this approach in the Social 5.0 era are not clear. In this paper, we analyze and discuss this issue. We discuss the prospect of the application of formal verification by analyzing its applicability and the way it would be applied in IoT systems. We conclude that the reliability and security of IoT systems can be improved by the large-scale application of formal verification. Based on this, we also discuss the security and privacy issues that need to be considered for the large-scale application of formal verification in IoT systems.

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