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[3O4-GS-5] Agents: social-problem solving

Thu. Jun 16, 2022 3:30 PM - 5:10 PM Room O (Room 510)

座長:大澤 正彦(日本大学)[現地]

4:30 PM - 4:50 PM

[3O4-GS-5-04] Visualization of domestic contact infection risk in COVID-19

〇Setsuya Kurahashi1, Taisei Mukai3, Keiko Otake2, Yukari Sekine2, Keisuke Nakajima2, Junichi Sugiyama2, Takeshi Takizawa2, Yasushi Kakizawa2 (1. University of Tsukuba, 2. LION, 3. Waseda Univeristy)

Keywords:COVID-19, contact infection, agent-based model

This paper proposes a model that visualizes the risk of contact infection to family members when going outspreads to various items at home. Behaviour data after returning home are extracted from the behaviour survey, such as location and contact objects. Then data tables are created, including a behaviour history table, behaviour probability table, contact probability table, number of visits table, contact circulation table, etc. The material transmission rate table is created by measuring the virus transmission rate after contact with droplets in a virus experiment laboratory. In the experiment, the synthetic agent created from the acquired data probabilistically performs movement and contact behaviour after returning home and reproduces the state in which the virus attached to the hand or belongings when going out propagates to objects at home. As a result, virus-attached contacts within around 30 minutes after returning home were widely confirmed around the entrance and kitchen, suggesting the effectiveness of early hand-washing behaviour.

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