The 38th Annual conference of JSAI, 2024
Web program site

Date: Tuesday, May 28th - Friday, June 31th, 2024
Venue: ACT CITY Hamamatsu + Online

Participant log-in is necessary to access paper PDFs. The ID and password were sent to registered participants from, whose subject is "Your account for web program site" or "Notice of login information for Confit online program". Even if you are not one of the participants, you can also access PDFs just entering PDF viewing password, Jsai2024Hama.
This conference will be held following the Japanese society for artificial intelligence anti-harassment policy

Latest Announcement

You can now access paper PDFs using PDF viewing password, Jsai2024Hama. In addition, the on-demand viewing service for recordings of each session has been ended.

(2024/07/04 9:00 AM)

参加者間のコミュニケーションツールとしてSlackを使います。「JSAl2024 Slackに参加」から招待リンクを取得して参加して下さい。
Slack is used for a communication tool between participants. Click "Join JSAI2024 Slack" to participate in the workplace.

(2024/05/22 9:36 PM)



アプリ起動時に 「最新データ取得」ボタン が表示されている場合は、最新データが配信されています。ダウンロードしてからご利用ください。

JSAI2024 app has been released.

What you can do:
・Search for lecture information
・Add Sessions to your Schedule
・Create your own schedule and download as PDF
・Add notes to each Presentation

The registered schedule can be synchronized between websites and apps, multiple devices
such as iPhone and iPad.

When the "Data Update Information"button is displayed,
the latest data has been released so please download it.
Please take this opportunity to download our new app.

(2024/05/14 12:06 PM)

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