The 77th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2016


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[Ab-1] Springer Nature

Springer eBooks: all Springer books are now available on SpringerLink. Come to us and learn how to buy and how to use!, SpringerMaterials: The world‘s largest resource for physical and chemical dat...


1.I-V measurement system of perovskite solar cells. 2.Spectrum sensitivity measurement system of perovakite solar cells. 3. Quantum efficieny measurement of photocatalyst.

[Sa-13] Tec Corporation

(1)SPECS Surface Nano Analysis社パネル展示 1)回折装置(LEED/RHEED) 2)イオンソース 3)電子ソース 4)電子蒸着ソース 5)プラズマソース 6)Nanonis SPMコントロールシステム (2)Ferrovac社パネル展示 1)超高真空部品(サンプルホルダー及びリセプタクル) 2)UHVスーツケース (3)Ch...

[Ab-5] Technical Writers Studio

We will exhibit Thames & Kosmos Science Kits and will explain how these kits are effective when teaching technical English and science in universities, colleges of technology, and in technical high...

[Se-7] TNS Systems LLC

*YAG Laser Micro Processing System  *Wire Bonder  *Die Bonder  *Probing solution for Semiconductor Test  *Compact PVD System  *Custom-made equipment

[Am-4] Toshima MFG Co., Ltd

・スパッタリングターゲット材料(薄膜材料)・リチウムイオン二次電池材料(正極材・固体電解質等)・MOCVD材料 ・MODコート材料(酸化物半導体・導電性酸化物・強誘電体等)