The 77th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2016

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4 JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia 2016 » 4.5 Information Photonics

[14a-C301-1~9] 4.5 Information Photonics

Wed. Sep 14, 2016 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM C301 (Nikko Tsuru)

Ryoichi Horisaki(Osaka Univ.), Hirotsugu Yamamoto(Utsunomiya Univ.), Norimichi Tsumura(Chiba Univ.)

10:15 AM - 10:30 AM

[14a-C301-5] Three-dimensional mapping of fluorescence point sources using self-interferencedigital holography with space-division matching method

Ryosuke Abe1, 〇Yoshio Hayasaki1 (1.Utsunomiya Univ.)

Keywords:self-interference digital holography, fluorescence nanoparticle, optical tweezers

Three-dimensional mapping of fluorescence light sources was performed by using a self-interference digital holography. The positions of the sources were quantitatively determined by using the Gaussian fitting of the axial and lateral diffraction distributions through position calibration from the observation space to the sample space. The space division matching method was developed to perform the mapping of dense fluorescence sources. The mapping of fluorescence nanoparticles fixed in gelatin and a single fluorescent nanoparticle manipulated with optical tweezers in water were demonstrated.