The 79th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2018

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12 Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics » 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

[21a-PA2-1~28] 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

Fri. Sep 21, 2018 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM PA (Event Hall)

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

[21a-PA2-28] Control of the properties of perovskites with long-chain alkylamines (III)
-Effect of introducing secondary amine-

〇(M1)Hiroki Nagasaka1, Masahiro Fujita1, Yuko Takeoka1, Masahiro Rikukawa1 (1.Sophia Univ.)

Keywords:two-dimensional perovskite, multi layer, classification

Organic-inorganic perovskite compounds can be fabricated by various combination of organic amines and lead halides. We previously reported that the structure and absorption bands of perovskite compounds are controllable by using secondary and tertiary-alkyl amines. In this study, quasi-two-dimensional perovskite compounds was fabricated by mixing secondary ammonium iodide, methyl ammonium iodide, and lead halide, and their physical or optical properties were investigated by using X-ray diffraction measurements (XRD) and UV-Vis absorption. A bilayer structure, in which two inorganic sheets were stacked between organic layers, was confirmed by XRD. The UV-Vis absorption band was 50 nm red-shifted in comparison to the monolayer perovskites because of the decrease of bandgap.