The 80th JSAP Autumn Meeting 2019


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[Ap-14] T.E.M. Incorporated

T.E.M. Incorporated Wasatch Photonics: portable OCT system / Raman spectrometer / Volume Phase Holographic Grating, Coherent(ONDAX): narrow band- stable Laser Diode / THz-Raman Unit, REVIBRO OPTICS: High-Speed Focusin...

[Be-3] TNS Systems LLC

YAG Laser Micro Processing System, Wire Bonder, Die Bonder, Probing solution for Semiconductor Test , Compact PVD System , Custom-made equipment

[Ba-12] Thermocera Japan Ltd.

BH series High Temperature Substrate Heaters, nano Benchtop series thin film deposition system, MiniLab series flexible thin film deposition system, Mini-BENCH High Temperature bench top R&D fu...

[Bm-8] Tosoh Corporation

We will exhibit novel TCO sputtering targets, such as low crystallize temperature, higher transmission at infra-red-region and low absorbance.