The 66th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2019


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[V-14] COSMOTEC Corporation


[M-8] Crosslight Software Inc.

Crosslight Software Inc. is providing TCAD tools for the simulation of compound semiconductor devices and processes. User can easily set up a layer structure, the simulation input file, run the mai...

[S-6] Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.

DiffractMOD:RCWA software for optical diffraction efficiency
FullWAVE:FDTD software for Nano Electric Magnetic Analysis,
BeamPROP:BPM software for optical waveguide and fiber,
FemSIM:FEM software f...

[V-20] Hakuto Co., Ltd.

Pfeiffer Vacuum products: - Turbo pumping station Hicube ECO - Helium Leak Detector ASM310 - 6ch gauge controller TPG366(NEW) - Quadrupole mass spectrometer Prisma Pro(NEW) - NEG coating(NEW)

[P-13] Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

Photomultiplier tube modules, InAsSb photovoltaic detectors, ORCA®-Fusion Digital CMOS camera, Wavelength swept pulsed quantum cascade laser, Optical blocks, PMA-12 Photonic multichannel analyzer, ...

[E-9] HiSOL, Inc.

HiSOL, Inc. ■マニュアル エポキシダイボンダー モデル7200CR
■卓上型マニュアル ディープアクセス ウエッジボンダー モデル7476D
■卓上型マニュアル ボールワイヤー&バンプボンダー モデル7700D
■HMP-410IS 小型マニュアルプローバー+テスター(B2900A)
■AW610 高速熱処理装置
■自動真空・ガス置換電気炉 VF-5000
■卓上型マニュアル劈開装置 LatticeAx...