The 66th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2019

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15 Crystal Engineering » 15.4 III-V-group nitride crystals

[11p-W541-1~20] 15.4 III-V-group nitride crystals

Mon. Mar 11, 2019 1:30 PM - 7:00 PM W541 (W541)

Munetaka Arita(Univ. of Tokyo), Ryuji Katayama(Osaka Univ.), Atsushi Kobayashi(Univ. of Tokyo)

1:45 PM - 2:00 PM

[11p-W541-2] Sputtering and high-tempereture annealing of AlN on diamond substrate

Tatsuya Shirato1, Yusuke Hayashi2, Kenjiro Uesugi3, Kanako Shojiki4, Hideto Miyake2,4 (1.Mie Univ. Sch. of Eng., 2.Mie Univ. Grad. Sch. of RIS, 3.Mie Univ. SPORR, 4.Mie Univ. Grad. Sch. of Eng.)

Keywords:AlN, Diamond, sputtering

Diamond is expected to be applied to power devices by taking advantage of the bandgap of 5.5 eV and high hole conductivity. Although research on devices such as deep ultraviolet LEDs and HEMTs has been conducted for AlGaN, forming low resistance p-type is a problem. By combining the advantages of both materials, it is expected to form a device enabling conductivity control.
This study fabricated an AlN film with a combination of sputtering and high-temperature annealing, succeeded in fabricating AlN film on diamond substrate with higher crystallinity than the conventional studies.