The 66th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2019

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10 Spintronics and Magnetics » 10.4 Semiconductor spintronics, superconductor, multiferroics

[12p-M101-1~14] 10.4 Semiconductor spintronics, superconductor, multiferroics

Tue. Mar 12, 2019 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM M101 (H101)

Yota Takamura(Tokyo Tech), DUC ANh LE(Univ. Tokyo)

2:15 PM - 2:30 PM

[12p-M101-6] Estimation of Fermi surface position and magnetic properties by PL measurement of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor GaGdAs:Si/GaAs superlattice.

Makoto Takafuji1, Sho Kato1, Akihiro Funabiki1, Hajime Yoshida1, Hayato Miyagawa1, Yuji Hazama2, Hidefumi Akiyama2 (1.Kagawa Univ., 2.ISSP.)

Keywords:semiconductor, magnetic semiconductor

We fabricated diluted magnetic semiconductor superlattice GaGdAs:Si/GaAs by means of MBE(Molecular Beam Epitaxy) technique. PL measurements show that fermi energy increases with increasing n-type carrier by Si doping. The Gd concentration dependency on magnetization suggests that ferromagnetic coupling is induced by bound magnetic polaron in a specimen grown with Gd cell temperature of 1400 degree C.