The 81st JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2020

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12 Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics » 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

[11a-Z13-1~10] 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

Fri. Sep 11, 2020 8:45 AM - 11:30 AM Z13

Norihisa Akamatsu(Tokyo Tech)

10:45 AM - 11:00 AM

[11a-Z13-8] Molecular Orientation Control of Porphyrin derivative in a Thin Film Using Intermolecular Coordination Bonds

〇(DC)Kazutaka Tomita1, Nobutaka Shioya1, Takafumi Shimoaka1, Takeshi Hasegawa1 (1.ICR, Kyoto Univ.)

Keywords:molecular orientation, porphyrin, pMAIRS

Porphyrin derivatives are promising materials that are used for various thin film devices. The molecular aggregation structure of the porphyrin derivatives can be controlled by choosing the combination of the center metal atom and the functional groups attached to the porphyrin ring. In this study, the molecular aggregation structure of tetrapyridylporphyrin (TPyP) thin films is controlled by using the intermolecular coordination bonds between the N atom of the pyridyl group and the metal atom. This method realizes the edge-on orientation of the porphyrin rings, which is a rare arrangement for films of porphyrin derivatives having aryl groups.