The 81st JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2020

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12 Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics » 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

[11p-Z13-1~18] 12.1 Fabrications and Structure Controls

Fri. Sep 11, 2020 12:30 PM - 6:00 PM Z13

Yasuhiro Miura(Hamamatsu Univ. School of Medicine), Shunsuke Yamamoto(Tohoku Univ.)

1:30 PM - 1:45 PM

[11p-Z13-4] Fabrication of high conductivity P3HT fiber by electrospinning

Ryoya Mizushima1, Keisuke Adachi1, Ayaka Kanno1, Hiroshi Yamauchi1, Takashi Tadokoro1 (1.Tokyo denki Univ.)

Keywords:organic semiconductor, P3HT, electrospinning

In recent years, P3HT, which is a polymer organic semiconductor with relatively high mobility, has been attracting attention. Since P3HT can be oriented in the fiber direction by making it into a thin fiber, it is expected that the conductivity will be improved. Electrospinning
method (ES) has been widely researched for making P3HT into fibers, but the
handling and strength of the fiber become more important as the fiber becomes
In this study, PEO was used as an auxiliary material to thin P3HT fibers
and to prepare multiple parallel fibers.