The 81st JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2020

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4 JSAP-OSA Joint Symposia 2020 » 4.6 Terahertz Photonics

[9p-Z23-1~11] 4.6 Terahertz Photonics

Wed. Sep 9, 2020 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Z23

Masaaki Tsubouchi(QST), Masaya Nagai(Osaka Univ.)

4:30 PM - 4:45 PM

[9p-Z23-10] Histamine concentration measured by a terahertz chemical microscope

Yuichi Yoshida1, Kosuke Sato1, Kenji Sakai1, Keiji Tsukada1, Toshihiko Kiwa1 (1.Okayama Univ.)

Keywords:terahertz, allergy, histamine

The number of people with allerguc diseases is increasing due to changes in our living enviroment and diet. As conventional methods, an IgE antibody test and a histamine release test are available for allergic materials for diagnoses. These methods are minimally invasive because they can be tested only by collecting blood. However, Positive results for the IgE antibody test sometimes do not show allergen reactions. On the other hand, histamine release test directly measures histamine, which can be produced by allergen reactions so that the results can be connected to the allergic symptoms. However, few measurable allergens are available for the histamine release test.
In our group, the concentration of histamine in solution was measured by using a terahertz chemical microscope (TCM) . We succeeded that it was detected by using histamine antibody previously. In this study, we tried measuring histamine concentration in solution with histamine H1 receptor as the ligand, which can be expected to measure histamine with higher selectivity.