The 67th JSAP Spring Meeting 2020

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8 Plasma Electronics » 8.1 Plasma production and diagnostics

[12p-A302-1~18] 8.1 Plasma production and diagnostics

Thu. Mar 12, 2020 1:15 PM - 6:00 PM A302 (6-302)

Kentaro Tomita(Kyushu Univ.), Nakagawa Yusuke(首都大), Manabu Tanaka(Kyushu Univ.)

5:30 PM - 5:45 PM

[12p-A302-17] Enhancing Efficiency of Induction Heating Iron Evaporator and Applying
to producing Iron endhedral Fullerene Synthesis on ECRIS

〇(M2)Takayuki Omori1, Kazuki Okumura1, Wataru Kubo1, Shuhei harisaki1, Yushi Kato1 (1.Osaka Univ.)

Keywords:Induction Heating, Insulated Current Transformer, Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source

We aim at producing iron-endohedral fullerene in an electron cyclotron resonance (ECR) ion source (ECRIS). We have produced and reported various evaporation sources for the ECRIS generating multicharged iron ion from solid pure materials that are safe, stable and easy to handle, as their application research. It is required to develop an evaporation source that generates very little out gas and impurities. We focused on induction heating (IH) method, which can remove impurity gas from the source and not contact and can easily generate gas. We developed the IHCT. We succeeded to produce more iron gas.

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