The 67th JSAP Spring Meeting 2020

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8 Plasma Electronics » 8.1 Plasma production and diagnostics

[12p-A302-1~18] 8.1 Plasma production and diagnostics

Thu. Mar 12, 2020 1:15 PM - 6:00 PM A302 (6-302)

Kentaro Tomita(Kyushu Univ.), Nakagawa Yusuke(首都大), Manabu Tanaka(Kyushu Univ.)

2:30 PM - 2:45 PM

[12p-A302-6] Non-equilibrium rotational energy distribution of electronically excited states of CO molecules in reduced-pressure CO2 plasma

Shota Yamada1, Yuki Morita1, Atsushi Nezu2, 〇Hiroshi Akatsuka3,1 (1.Eng. Tokyo Tech, 2.Tech-Div Tokyo Tech, 3.IIR, Tokyo Tech)

Keywords:CO2 plasma, CO molecule, rotational temperature

The vibrational and rotational temperatures Tv and Tr of the CO angstrom band and the third positive band (3PS) of the reduced-pressure microwave discharge CO2 plasma are spectroscopically observed. The rotation temperature of 3PS was about 0.15 eV. On the other hand, for the Angstrom band, it is difficult to perform proper fitting when the rotation temperature is set to one. The fitting was optimized by setting the bulk component to 0.04 eV for 3/4 and the high energy tail component to 0.17 eV for the remaining quarter.

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