The 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021

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17 Nanocarbon Technology » 17.3 Layered materials

[11a-N302-1~11] 17.3 Layered materials

Sat. Sep 11, 2021 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM N302 (Oral)

Ryo Kitaura(Nagoya Univ.)

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM

[11a-N302-5] Fabrication of MoS2 Films by Reactive Sputtering Method

〇(D)Myeongok Kim1,2, Maxime Giteau1, Naoya Miyashita1, Yoshitaka Okada1,2 (1.RCAST UTokyo, 2.Grad. School of Eng. UTokyo)

Keywords:MoS2, Reactive sputtering, Vertically aligned growth

In this research, MoS2 thin films are fabricated by reactive sputtering. The films’ structural and morphological properties were characterized by XRD and cross-sectional SEM. On quartz and molybdenum (Mo) coated soda lime glass substrates, Mo from sputtering gun and sulfur from a hot lip cell were simultaneously supplied during the film fabrication. 2H-MoS2 films were successfully formed without post treatment even at substrate temperature as low as 310oC. Under this condition, the layered structure was vertically aligned to the substrate, and the vertical grain size was dependent on the partial pressure of sulfur during the fabrication.