The 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021

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12 Organic Molecules and Bioelectronics » 12.5 Organic solar cells

[12p-N322-1~18] 12.5 Organic solar cells

Sun. Sep 12, 2021 1:00 PM - 6:30 PM N322 (Oral)

Itaru Osaka(Hiroshima Univ.), Keisuke Tajima(RIKEN), Hideo Ohkita(Kyoto Univ.)

3:15 PM - 3:30 PM

[12p-N322-8] Amorphous Polymers with V-shaped Electron-deficient Unit for Organic Solar Cell

Fengkun Chen1, Kyohei Nakano1, Yumiko Kaji1, Kiyohiro Adachi1, Daisuke Hashizume1, 〇Keisuke Tajima1 (1.RIKEN CEMS)

Keywords:organic semiconducting polymer, organic solar cell, amorphous

Molecular shape of semiconducting polymers largely affects the electronic properties in the films, yet the common design so far is to make the chain straight to increase the crystallinity. Herein, we developed a novel V-shaped electron-acceptor TPTz featuring two 1,2,5-thiadiazole rings fused to a triphenylene core with strong electron-withdrawing capability and extended conjugation plane. We showcase a highly soluble copolymer PTPTz-IDT with TPTz unit exhibiting a wide band-gap of 1.94 eV and suitable energy levels as the electron donor. In spite of the amorphous structure in the film,power conversion efficiency reaches 10.4 % in the single junction solar cells with PTPTz-IDT:Y6 as the active layer, indicating the high potential of TPTz as a promising building block for the polymers with the unique shape.