The 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021

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3 Optics and Photonics » 3.1 Basic optics and frontier of optics

[13a-N107-1~12] 3.1 Basic optics and frontier of optics

Mon. Sep 13, 2021 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM N107 (Oral)

Kenichi Yuyama(Osaka City Univ.), Hideki Fujiwara(Hokkaido Univ.)

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM

[13a-N107-1] Three-Dimensional Imaging by Light Needle Scanning Fluorescence Microscopy Utilizing Visible Bessel Beams

Yuichi Kozawa1, Yuuki Uesugi1, Sato Shunichi1 (1.IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)

Keywords:Bessel beam, Laser microscopy, 3D imaging

We demonstrate a needle-shaped focal spot with an extended focal depth, characterized by reduced side lobes along the specific axis on the beam cross-section achieved by manipulating the intensity distribution of a Bessel beam formed at the focus of an objective lens. This property is applied to our three-dimensional imaging technique based on light needle scanning microscopy, enabling rapid acquisition of three-dimensional fluorescence images obtained by one-photon absorption using visible excitation.