The 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021

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Oral presentation

3 Optics and Photonics » 3.1 Basic optics and frontier of optics

[13a-N107-1~12] 3.1 Basic optics and frontier of optics

Mon. Sep 13, 2021 9:00 AM - 12:15 PM N107 (Oral)

Kenichi Yuyama(Osaka City Univ.), Hideki Fujiwara(Hokkaido Univ.)

9:15 AM - 9:30 AM

[13a-N107-2] Behavior of photo-induced microdroplets on a gold substrate

Masayuki Naya1,2, Nanami Ohara1, Toshiharu Saiki1 (1.Keio Univ., 2.Naya Lab.)

Keywords:Light, Marangoni convection, Wine's tear

By irradiating a 532 nm wavelength CW laser beam into the air layer near the liquid reservoir formed by sandwiching an ethanol solution containing a small amount of polymer between a gold substrate and a glass substrate, we observed the generation of a micro droplets on the gold substrate. The droplets were observed to move in a self oscillatory motion depending on the distance from the reservoir and other conditions. In this presentation, we will introduce these results related to the interesting phenomenon known as "wine's tears" and discuss its principle.