The 68th JSAP Spring Meeting 2021

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6 Thin Films and Surfaces » 6.6 Probe Microscopy

[16a-Z15-1~7] 6.6 Probe Microscopy

Tue. Mar 16, 2021 10:00 AM - 11:45 AM Z15 (Z15)

Yoichi Otsuka(Osaka Univ.)

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM

[16a-Z15-1] Imaging of Magnetic Domain Wall Movement of Soft Magnetic Films in AC Magnetic Field by Alternating MFM: Extension of AC Magnetic Field Frequency

Tsubasa Osaka1, Yutaka Narita1, Jong-Ching Wu2, 〇Hitoshi Saito1 (1.Akita Univ., 2.NCUE)

Keywords:magnetic force microscopy

We have developed novel magnetic force microscopy (MFM) which enables to observe magnetic domain wall movement in AC magnetic field by using Alternating magnetic force microscopy (A-MFM) with a sensitive superparamagnetic tip. In this study, to increase the AC magnetic field frequency on the imaging, we fabricated a new AC electromagnet, which applied AC magnetic field to in-plane direction of the sample, and extended the imaging frequency of AC magnetic field from 89 Hz to 1 kHz.