The 70th JSAP Spring Meeting 2023

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3 Optics and Photonics » 3.6 Laser processing (formerly 3.7)

[17a-A405-1~9] 3.6 Laser processing (formerly 3.7)

Fri. Mar 17, 2023 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM A405 (Building No. 6)

Shuntaro Tani(Univ. of Tokyo), Godai Miyaji(TUAT)

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM

[17a-A405-5] Pump-probe measurement of the periodic surface structure formation with mid-infrared free-electron-laser pulse train

Shinichiro Masuno1, Masaki Hashida1,2, Heishun Zen3, Shigeki Tokita1 (1.Kyoto Univ., 2.Tokai Univ., 3.IAE, Kyoto Univ.)

Keywords:LIPSS, semiconductor, mid-infared free-electron-laser

Time-resolved observation of laser induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) formed by mid-infrared (11.4 μm) free electron laser pulse trains (more than 6000 pulses at 350 ps intervals) was performed using a 532-nm Nd:YAG laser. Although the number of pulses could not be controlled in previous studies, this experiment revealed that LIPSS formed in the early stage of the pulse train disappeared in the latter stage of the pulse train.