Japan Society of Civil Engineers 2020 Annual Meeting

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Chair:Kenichi Tagawa

[VI-652] Laboratory experiment on spring water measurement method using multi-spectral camera

〇Moritada Mori1, keisuke oomura1, hironori sato1, yuuta uemastu1, shiori ando2 (1.Takenaka Civil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., 2.Eba Japan Co., Ltd.)

Keywords:multispectral camera, spring water, non-contact measurement

A large amount of spring water is often generated immediately after excavation on cracks on rock slopes and on the face of tunnels, and it is important to measure when assessing the impact on the surrounding water environment. However, it is difficult to measure the flow rate directly with a container or the like because there is a danger of rock fall on the surface immediately after excavation.
We have proposed a method of the amount of spring water generated from the cracked surface, which evaluates the amount of spring water from images obtained by photographing the state of spring water using a multispectral camera. In this study, we report this evaluation method by performing laboratory experiments.

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