Japan Society of Civil Engineers 2021 Annual Meeting

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[共通セッション] 放射性廃棄物処分

放射性廃棄物処分 (4)

Thu. Sep 9, 2021 2:40 PM - 4:00 PM CS-8 (Room49)

Chair: Ema Yoshikawa

[CS12-26] Examination of the effect of the grain size distribution and the particle quantity of an aggregate on the permeability of bentonite mixed soil

〇Ayumu Ito1, Masakazu Chijimatsu1, yuuki Itou2, sunao Kudou2, Yasuaki saitou2 (1.Hazama Ando Corporation, 2.JAPAN NUCLEAR FUEL LIMITED)

Keywords:radioactive waste, Disposal at low-level radioactive waste disposal center, bentonite mixed soil, permeability

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