Japan Society of Civil Engineers 2021 Annual Meeting

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[共通セッション] 放射性廃棄物処分

放射性廃棄物処分 (6)

Fri. Sep 10, 2021 9:30 AM - 10:50 AM CS-8 (Room49)

Chair: Takahiro Goto

[CS12-38] In-situ experiment for the backfilling in a small scale drift by spray method (5) A study on quality management method for the in-situ experiment

〇Akihiro Ueda1, Kawakubo Shohei1, Masakazu Chijimatsu1, Hiroya Matsui2, Yusuke Ozaki2 (1.HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION, 2.Japan Atomic Energy Agency)

Keywords:bentonite mixture soil, performance requirement, hydraulic conductivity, groundwater analysis

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