The 69th Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education

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International Session

International Session II

[2W] International Session-II

Thu. Sep 9, 2021 1:00 PM - 2:40 PM E&W room

chair: Tetsuo OKA (Shibaura Institute of Technology)

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM

[W-09] “Geosymbiotic (Chikyuu kyosei) Workshop”: International Collaboration and Holistic-Project Based Learning (IC&H-PBL) for nurturing sustainable design for all ethnicities

○Takeshi Shiratori1 (1. Setsunan University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Living and Environmental Design, Geosymbiosis and Design Lab)

Keywords:Geosymbiosis, Geosymbiotic Workshop, Holistic-PBL, International Collaboration, Ethnicities

This paper aims to present a new framework for international collaboration in engineering education using sustainable design projects with people of all ethnicities, which is centered by an advocate for holistic wellbeing of all life forms on our planet Earth, named Geosymbiosis/Chikyuu Kyosei. Each time different region in the world is chosen for its local problematic issues inhibiting our holistic wellbeing, and collaboration-based project proposals are made to execute together with those involved, as an attempt to solve them together. The reporting topics in the first half will focus on the description of this new frame work that brings opportunity for international collaboration named the Geosymbiotic /Chikyuu Kyosei Workshop, and how it is guided by the diagram with three significant pillars, and the design methodology. The latter half attempts to show in brief the assurance in quality by the fruitfulness of the evidenced outcomes seen in actual design projects that were conducted with cooperation among the people of different ethnicities under the framework of Geosymbiotic Workshops.