60th Annual Meeting in Autumn

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Sat. Dec 16, 2017 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM ポスター会場 (さくら)


[P-038] 歯周炎患者における従来の非外科的治療方法を補う抗 P. gingivalis gingipains 鶏卵黄抗体の評価

Evaluation of egg yolk antibody against P.gingivalis gingipains as an adjunct to nonsurgical therapy in periodontitis patients

Van Sa Nguyen1,Thi Hong Minh Nguyen2,梅田 浩二1,Shofiqur Rahman1/Van Sa Nguyen1,Thi Hong Minh Nguyen2,Kouji Umeda1,Shofiqur Rahman1 (EWニュートリション 岐阜免疫研究所1,ハノイ国立歯科病院2/Immunology Research Institute in Gifu1,Department of Periodontology, National Hospital of Odonto-Stomatology, Hanoi, Vietnam2)



Background and Objective: Egg yolk antibody(IgY)against gingipains from P. gingivalis is known to have good effects when applied directly in periodontal pockets after SRP treatment in periodontitis patients. The aim of this study was to examine the clinical and bacteriological effects of lozenges fortified with the IgY as an adjunct to nonsurgical therapy.
Materials and Methods: Sixty patients with chronic periodontitis were recruited and divided randomly into a test and a placebo group. The two groups were treated by SRP followed by a daily use of lozenges containing either specific IgY against P. gingivalis gingipains(test)or a sham-immune IgY(placebo). Clinical parameters including bleeding on probing(BOP), probing pocket depth(PD)and quantitative analysis of P. gingivalis in the gingival pockets were assessed at baseline and 8 weeks after the initiation of treatment.
Results: Both groups showed significant improvement of all parameters at 8 weeks post treatment. There was a significant difference in improvement of BOP and P. gingivalis level in the test group compared to the placebo group. The reduction of PD was bigger in the test group compared to the placebo group although there was no significant difference between the 2 groups on this parameter at 8 weeks post treatment.
Conclusion: Lozenges containing IgY antibody against gingipains from P. gingivalis could be a useful adjunct to nonsurgical therapy in chronic periodontitis.