Autumn Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2019

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1.Laser cladding valve seat (2018 JSAE technical development award etc.)
  Development of the laser clad production line and the material that can product the TNGA engine around the world with the high performance, reliability and productivity for the first time in the world.
2.Magnetic Core for Reactor in HV(2009 JPMA grand prize)
A powder magnetic core was applied for the first time in the world to reactor of PCU which is the core unit of HV. Both high magnetic properties and low cost were realized by innovative technologies such as powder shape control,insulating film formation, and high-density powder compacting.
3.Sintered Ravigneaux Planetary Carrier (2017 JPMA new product award)
Low cost PM Ravigneaux Planetary Carrier, replaced instead of forged and stamped parts were realized by development of innovative production technologies and optimal design
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