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Spring Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2019
                Date   : June 4 (Tue)~ June 6  (Wed), 2019
                Venue: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Suzukakedai Campus,  Suzukake Hall
    Attention please!!
Thank you for your participation in the JSPM Spring Meeting, 2019.
    The password for downloading the abstract on the website will be  valid until July 7 (Sat),   2019.  If necessary, please download the summary by the deadline date.
 ・After May 18 (Sat), Pre-registration is not available and please register on-site.
     And we will not publish a booklet of the abstract of this meeting. Since you need to download the abstracts from the the website of JSPM Spring meeting, please bring your laptop etc. that can connect to the website on the day of the meeting.
・Notification of system maintenance
     The site of registration will be closed during the following hours.
        May 9 (Thr), 10:00~14:00, 2019

・The program of the spring meeting has been released today. (20190314)
・ Open the registration Site!!
       Registration Site is available now.
          Please click "Registration" in the left flame.
The speaker of the presentation is necessary to register the meeting. Please login the following URL using your ID and Password when you created your account and make your registration. 
The others will create an account at first and make a registration.
         The deadline of the early-bird registration: May 17 (Fri) 24:00 <JPN time>

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 2019年5月9日(木)10:00~14:00 システムメンテナンスのため参加登録手続きを行えません。上記時間外でお手続き下さい。事前参加申込締切は、5月17日(金)24:00です。

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発表者の方は、本プログラムで講演番号をご確認、記載の上、4月21日(日)24:00までに 概要集原稿をアップロード下さい。

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