Spring Meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy, 2020

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[E-10] Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Seishin Enterprise Co., Ltd.

PITA-04 has particles flow in a special cell (chip) and shows their images captured by a high-speed and high-pixel density CCD camera in a short time.
It adopts the latest technology of micro sorting control to have particles pass only through the lens observable area and improves reliability of particle size distribution measurement results.
With our original flow control technology, all particles flow through the capture range of the camera in the measurement cell.
With our original flow control technology, the camera fouses on all particles.
With our original flow control technology, agglomerated particles are separated to measure.
Calibration in daily use is unnessary because shift of the focus is not generated. Various solvents including water, alcohol, and silicon oil can be used.
From 1 to 1000 micro meter particles can be measured.
Particle shapes and size can be monitored during measurement.
Measurement results are displayed in Scatter diagram so that particle size distribution, shape distribution, and relationship between particle diameter and shape can be easily checked.
Every particle size and shape can be checked by measuring particles one by one.
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