The 41st Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan

Exhibitors' information

[6] SetsuroTech Inc.

SetsuroTech Inc.

Setsuro Tech Inc. is Japanese venture company which have a new genome editing technique (Called  GEEP method, please refer to the description below for details).to easily and efficiently produce genetically modified mice using CRISPR / Cas9. We anticipate that genetically modified animals will be used in the industry in the future and aim to become a fundamental company that provides all genetically modified animals.

Genome Editing by Electroporation of Cas9 Protein (GEEP method)
GEEP method introduces a genome editing tool such as Cas9 protein and gRNA into a fertilized egg by electroporation. This is a high throughput method because it needs no sophisticated skills but only aligning fertilized eggs on electrodes. With the GEEP method, we can introduce genome editing tools into large amount of fertilized eggs with low damage.

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