The 41st Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan

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4. Development and Regeneration » b. Organogenesis / Morphogenesis / Regeneration

[1P_4-b] 4-b Development and Regeneration - Organogenesis / Morphogenesis / Regeneration

Wed. Nov 28, 2018 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM Poster & Exhibition Venue (Exhibition Hall)

Poster Discusser:Minoru Takasato(RIKEN), Poster Discusser:Masafumi Inui(Meiji University), Poster Discusser:Gen Yamada(Wakayama Medical University)


[1P-0420] Investigating the role of Lin28a downregulation for body size control during mammalian embryogenesis

怇Yukiko Muramatsu1, Hidenobu Miyazawa2, Yoshifumi Yamaguchi3, Masayuki Miura1 (1.Dept of Genetics, Grad School of Pharm Sci, Univ of Tokyo, 2.Dev Biol Unit, EMBL, 3.Hibernation Metab, Physiol, & Dev Gr, Inst of Low Temp Sci, Hokkaido Univ)

Keywords:size regulation, organogenesis, transient Lin28a overexpression

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