Materials Research Meeting 2021

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F. Zero Emission Technologies » [F-3] Advanced Water Science and Technology

[F3-PR15] Slot 15

Tue. Dec 14, 2021 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM F3-PR15 (G403-404)

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

[F3-PR15-06] Flux Growth and Exfoliation of High Entropy Layered Potassium Niobate Crystals

*Kakeru Umehara1, Fumitaka Hayashi1, Kazunori Fujisawa2, Tomohito Sudare2, Chiaki Terashima2,3, Katsuya Teshima1,2,3 (1. Department of Materials Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Shinshu University (Japan), 2. Research Initiative for Supra-Materials, Shinshu University (Japan), 3. Research Center for Space System Innovation, Tokyo University of Science (Japan))

Keywords:Ion exchange, Layered potassium niobate, High entropy oxides, Flux growth, Nanosheet

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