Welcome to PACTALS 2020 NAGOYA
The Pan-Asian Consortium for Treatment and Research in ALS (PACTALS) was established in December 2014. We have been continuously developing and expanding its Asia-Pacific network of researchers and clinicians working with ALS/MND ever since.
Hotel Mielparque Nagoya
 461-0004 Aichi, Nagoya, Higashi-ku Aoi 3-16-16, Japan
Conference President:
Gen Sobue
President of Aichi Medical University,
Designated Professor of Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine
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Deadline of Abstract Submission: Mar 31, 2020

To encourage and facilitate the therapeutic development for the cure and mechanism of ALS and other motor neuron diseases in Asia-Oceania region.
About Program:
We are planning to hold Plenary lectures, Symposiums, General Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations (by doctors, medical staff and patient associations), four Luncheon Seminars, two Morning Seminars and patient association sessions. (Detailed program information will be coming up soon.)

□ Contact Information:
PACTALS 2020 Secretariat
Naoki Atsuta, Shinsuke Ishigaki, Naoki Hayashi, Kyoko Hiramitsu and Yuko Mizuyama

Mailing Address:
908 Building No. 3, Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine,65 Tsurumai-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya City, 466-8550
 □ TEL: (+81) 52-744-2026 FAX: (+81) 52-731-8131
 □ E-mail: als@med.nagoya-u.ac.jp 

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(2019/12/16 9:04 AM)

        PATALS 2020 Program plan (Provisional) 

9/25 (Fri.)
・Opening remarks 
・Topics Symposium 1 
・iPS cell technology bringing innovation to therapeutic development for ALS
・Oral presentation 1
・Luncheon Seminar
・Sponsored symposium
 ・Hot topics of clinical trials for ALS 
・Oral preparation of edaravone
 ・Gene therapy
・Plenary lecture1
 ・ALS multidisciplinary clinic
・Plenary lecture 2
・Poster session 
・Welcome reception 

・Morning Seminar 
 ・Research planning of PACTALS
・Topic symposium 1
 ・ ASO related topics
 ・Current status of medical care for ALS patients
・Luncheon Seminar2
 ・Harmonization of Asian-Oceanian ALS/MND association
・Sponsored symposium 2
 ・Clinical and genetic features of ALS patients in Asia and Oceania
・Closing remark

(2019/10/28 11:04 AM)

Travel Grant for Students and Young Researchers:

・PACTALS 2020 Bureau is pleased to offer Travel Grant for prospective PhD students and early stage researchers to attend PACTALS 2020.

・For evaluation, high quality of the contribution either for poster and/ or oral presentation will be considered.

・The detailed information on application will be announced very soon.

(2019/10/21 1:20 PM)

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