The 140th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Kyoto)

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[S50] Scientific research for the effects of Japanese Kampo medicine and functional foods aiming at prevention and presymptomatic treatment of CNS diseases

Sat. Mar 28, 2020 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM [Room U] Swan (1F)

Organizers: Yukio Ago (Grad Sch Pharmaceut Sci, Osaka Univ), Ryota Araki (Fac Pharmaceut Sci, Setsunan Univ)

With the recent trends toward an aging society and healthcare cost escalation, it is important to promote the spread of self-medication and to increase our healthy life expectancy. Functional foods have attracted much attention in recent years as their dietary intake has been associated with the improvement of health conditions. However, due to the relatively low content of pharmacologically active constituents in functional foods, their effectiveness has not been well evaluated. Additionally, Japanese Kampo medicine consists of several crude drugs, most of which are derived from medicinal plants, and is thought to have the potential to treat diseases and pre-disease, which is a presymptomatic state or an unhealthy condition without clear symptoms. To understand pharmacological effects of Kampo medicines, the constituents should be isolated to identify their chemical structures. For the safe and effective use of functional foods and Kampo medicine, it is important to provide evidence for the mechanisms of action of them. In this symposium, we will introduce and discuss about the research on the effects of Kampo medicine and functional foods aiming at prevention and presymptomatic treatment of CNS diseases.



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