The 140th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Kyoto)

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Oral Presentation

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[28X-am] 学部/卒後教育・キャリアパス

Sat. Mar 28, 2020 9:00 AM - 10:12 AM [Room X] Room 501 (5F)

Chair: Ryo Matsushita, Kiyoshi Mihara

9:48 AM - 10:00 AM

[28X-am05] Development of workshop-type training programs intended for registered sellers

○Yutaka Yoshida1, Misato Mochizuki2, Satoko Hori3, Akiko Miki4, Hiroki Satoh4, Kaori Ishikawa1, Miya Oishi1, Yasufumi Sawada4 (1. AIN PHARMACIEZ. INC., 2. Fac. Pharm. Sci., Univ. Tokyo, 3. Keio Univ., Fac. Pharm. , 4. Grad. Sch. Pharm. Sci., Univ. Tokyo)

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