The 142nd Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Nagoya)

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Oral Presentation

(E) Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences

[26F-pm] Appropriate use of medicines (drug-drug interactions)-1

Sat. Mar 26, 2022 2:42 PM - 3:42 PM [Room F] Exhibition Room 211 (Bldg. 2: 1F)

Chair: Kuniyoshi Sato

2:54 PM - 3:06 PM

[26F-pm08S] Adverse event profiles of hypomagnesemia caused by proton pump inhibitor using the Japanese Adverse Drug Event Report database (JADER)

○Kaito Yamashiro1, Kouichi Hosomi1, Satoshi Yokoyama1, Fumihiko Ogata1, Takehiro Nakamura1, Naohito Kawasaki1 (1. Fac. pharm., Kindai Univ.)

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