2017 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials


Thank you for coming to SSDM2017! We hope you enjoyed the conference. See you in Tokyo next year!

(2017/09/22 5:00 PM)

Luncheon Seminar tickets are still available at the registration desk!
It’s free with a lunch box.

(2017/09/21 11:52 AM)

Luncheon Seminar (12:45-13:45)
EAG Nano Science Corporation (Language : Japanese) in Hagi
Springer Nature (Language : Japanese) in Tachibana

(2017/09/21 11:47 AM)

Please take a free Shuttle Bus for “The Westin Sendai” at “Main Entrance (Conference Building)”.

(2017/09/20 5:34 PM)

Conference Banquet will be held on September 20, 19:00-21:00 at Grand Ballroom (2F) of The Westin Sendai.

(2017/09/20 5:19 PM)

Lunch box (500 Yen) is available in “Sakura Hall”.

(2017/09/20 12:20 PM)

Luncheon seminar tickets are available in the Foyer (Conference Building 2F).

(2017/09/20 11:28 AM)

Luncheon Seminar (12:00-13:00)
ADVANTEST CORPORATION (Language: Japanese) in Hagi.
KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES (Language: English) in Tachibana.

(2017/09/20 11:07 AM)

Luncheon Seminar tickets are still available! It’s free with a lunch box.
Get a ticket at the registration desk.

(2017/09/20 11:05 AM)

Registration desk is open in “Sakura Hall” (Conference Building 2F).

(2017/09/20 10:55 AM)

9:00-11:40 Opening Session / Plenary Session / Award Session (Conference Building Main Hall)

(2017/09/20 8:54 AM)

We have free Luncheon Seminars on September 20 and 21. You can get a Luncheon Seminar ticket at the registration desk!

(2017/09/20 8:23 AM)

Extended Abstracts are available! Please access SSDM2017 website or Mobile Apps (No USB memory and No DVD).

(2017/09/20 8:15 AM)

Registration desk is open now. (Conference building 2F).

(2017/09/20 8:13 AM)

Enjoy “Welcome Reception” starting from 17:30 at Café “Leaf” (Conference building 1F).

(2017/09/19 3:49 PM)

Short course B (HAGI): Si-related Technology #SSDM2017

(2017/09/19 11:46 AM)

Short course A (TACHIBABA): Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Application of Solid State Devices and Materials #SSDM2017

(2017/09/19 11:43 AM)

Official App is available! Search for “SSDM2017” in App Store or Google Play!

(2017/09/19 10:55 AM)

It’s ready for opening SSDM2017, 19-22 September in Sendai, Japan!

(2017/09/19 10:50 AM)