The 2020 Yokohama Sport Conference

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*Lecture and Symposia Video*
Lecture Q-(25): How the artificial intelligence technology can change the modern sports?
Lecture S-27: Socio-cultural Perspectives on Violence and Injury in Sport
Symposium L-(17): Social and Cultural Contributions by Top Athletes
Symposium Q-(24): Technology and Sports
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(2020/09/11 10:20 AM)

*Live Symposia (11, Spet)*
K-(16) The Merits & Demerits of Evidence-Based Health Science and Sport Science- 11 Sep, 16:00 JST
Q-(24) Technology and Sports- 11 Sep, 17:30 JST
Please access Zoom with ID and Pass in their presentation files to subscribe the live session.

(2020/09/11 10:16 AM)

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