International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

2:25 PM - 2:45 PM

[3DSA1/3D1-3] Performance Improvement for Computer-Generated Holographic Stereogram Based on Integral Imaging

*Zi Wang1, Guoqiang Lv1, Qibin Feng1 (1. Hefei University of Technology (China))

Computer holography, integral imaging, holographic stereogram

We want to introduce several recent works for improving the performance of integral imaging (II) based holographic stereogram (HS). First, we have proposed a resolution-enhanced II-based HS using the moving array lenslet technique (MALT). [1] Second, we have proposed the concept of resolution priority HS (RPHS) for the first time, which is based on the principle of resolution priority II, by adding a quadratic phase term on the conventional Fourier transform. [2] Finally, a simple and fast algorithm for computer-generated hologram (CGH) based on pinhole-type II using a look-up table was proposed. [3]