International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

[3DSAp2/3Dp2-3] VR Viewing Test of 3D Reconstructed Content Generated by Markerless Motion Capture in Wide Area

*Masaaki Matsumura1, Kazuki Okami1, Hajime Noto1, Hideaki Kimata1 (1. NTT Media Intelligence Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Japan))

VR viewing test, 3D reconstruction, human joint estimation, markerless motion capture

Recent years, the visualization techniques for wide area with AR and VR have been attracting attention. We propose the method to create a real-scaled VR viewing experience using images of actual handball game. And then, we test the experience can be entertained without feeling of discomfort using user questionnaires.