International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

[3DSAp2/3Dp2-5] Enhancing Visual Quality of Multi-view 360 Video Compression Pipeline

*Junyoung Yun1, Hong-Chang Shin2, Gwangsoon Lee2, Jong-Il Park1 (1. Hanyang University (Korea), 2. Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea))

A three degrees of freedom plus(3DoFP) video formatting pipeline was presented at MPEG-I Visual. A 3DoFP video gives motion parallax for users’ slight translational movement as well as rotation. The given 3DoFP pipeline is based on virtual view synthesis using multiple view color and depth images on which visual redundancies among the given view images are removed. Extracted necessary image areas from redundancy removal process are packed, transmitted and reconstructed to show contents to end users. However, the early researches on view synthesis uses all redundant information, the impact of removed redundant area is not explored much. In this work, we present a method for enhancing final synthesized image quality of the given pipeline dealing with redundancy removal.