International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

[FMCp5-1] Photonic Crystal Multilayers Make 100% BT. 2020 Possible

*Bingyang Liu1, Dongchuan Chen1, Xiawei Yun1, Xueqiang Qian1, Kaixuan Wang1, Hongming Zhan1, Xi Chen1 (1. BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (China))

Photonic crystal, PECVD, Color gamut, 100% BT.2020

Photonic crystal multilayers are well-designed, which can form two strong reflection peaks and minimize cyan and yellow light penetrating panels. As a result, the color gamut of LCDs with those photonic crystal multilayers in cell can reach 100% BT.2020, much better than the presentation of QD-LCDs.