International Display Workshops Incorporated Association

1:41 PM - 2:06 PM

[INP1-1(Invited)] Evaluation of the Integrated In-cell Electromagnetic Resonance Sensor and Capacitive Touch Sensor

*Yuji Suzuki1, Satoshi Uchino1, Kohei Azumi1, Tadayoshi Katsuta1, Daichi Suzuki1, Hiroyuki Wakana1, Kaoru Ito1 (1. Japan Display Inc. (Japan))

Electromagnetic resonance, In-cell touch sensor, LTPS, reflective LCD

We developed in-cell EMR reflective LCD panel, which shares the sensor pattern with capacitive touch sensor, without additional sensor layer. This technology contributes many benefits for thin design and less weight of the panel compared with conventional EMR products. This paper shows our in-cell EMR and capacitive touch sensing performance.