International Display Workshops General Incorporated Association

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

[INPp1-1] Non-contact Hand Vein Imaging by Use of Aerial Guiding Illumination with AIRR

*Ikuya Saji1, Kazuki Kawai2, Ryosuke Kujime3, hirotsugu Yamamoto1,4 (1. Utsunomiya University (Japan), 2. Kowa Optical Products, Co., Ltd. (Japan), 3. Pi PHOTONICS, Inc. (Japan), 4. JST, ACCEL (Japan))

guiding illumination, aerial display, vein imaging

We propose a optical system aimed for non- contact hand-vein input. A floating aerial image is formed to guide a user’s hand to the focused position and to illuminate the hand for vein imaging. We can install a camera in the illumination optics because of the high NA of AIRR.